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Things Are Getting Weird Out There!

... so why not get weirder? How you ask? By downloading the first full issue of Weird Whispers from the Nightscape Press webstore FOR FREE (or on Amazon for your Kindle for 99 cents)! Yes, it's really late. And yes, Issue #2 will be available soon too. No, the paperback edition still isn't ready. Yes, it will be soon as well. Don Noble is working on the full cover spread still but it's not his only project currently.

But yeah, we were going to kick off the first issue for 99 cents but decided with the current state of things, it would be better to just give it away for all you fellow social distancers out there during this whole Covid-19 outbreak craziness. We very much hope you enjoy this first full issue and that you will consider subscribing to the first year of Weird Whispers in eBook or trade paperback!

In other Weird Whispers news, we just got the contract back for a brand new story by Shannon Barber! We'll update as we solidify which issue Shannon's story "They Speak" will be included in. We've also accepted some other stories as well and more info will be forthcoming on that as soon as we get the contracts squared away for them.

And last but not best, I do have to inform you that, due to a number of personal and natural disasters (tornadoes--we're okay and our house was spared!, cat catastrophes, March has not been our month!, and of course the current madness in the world), we will have to push back Issue #3 to April for both the website and the full issue. However, in order to keep things balanced out, we'll be doing two issues within one month later this year. Likely in the late summer or in the fall.

Also, here at the Weird Whispers quarantine, we'd like to point out another cool thing you can do while you're holed up in your homes with a growing hunger for interesting media to consume: as of this post, Apex Books has only 14 hours left to meet their Kickstarter goal for their Invisible Threads anthology with new stories from authors like Michael Wehunt, Chesya Burke, Damien Angelica Walters, A.C. Wise, Maurice Broaddus, and many more! We've pledged and would like to get our hands on it, so please consider backing their Kickstarter!

All that said, we hope you are all as comfortable as you can be in these weird and trying times. Please stay safe, read lots of great weird fiction, and wash your hands thoroughly and often!

Robert S. Wilson
Co-Editor in Chief
Weird Whispers


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