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Contact us at with "Weird Whispers" in the subject line for any and all queries regarding Weird Whispers.

Weird Whispers is open to both electronic and physical submissions for book reviews. Please only send titles that fit within the weird fiction, cosmic horror, and related subgenres. We are not interested in reviewing general horror titles and are also unlikely to review bizarro fiction as well. Review materials sent to us will not be returned.

Please send all electronic review submissions in ePub and Mobi files as attachments or via Dropbox/Google Drive/etc. links. Please do not send queries. Send all files/links to:

Please ship all physical review materials to:

Weird Whispers Reviews
c/o Nightscape Press
PO Box 1715
Mount Juliet, TN 37121-1715

Weird Whispers is currently closed to fiction and nonfiction submissions. If you'd like to see us open for submissions, please drop by the Weird Whispers and More GoFundMe and make a donation or share the link with your friends.

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Weird Whispers Story #3 The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Pictures by Gwendolyn Kiste

The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Picturesby Gwendolyn Kiste

The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Pictures
Museum of Postmodern Art
Limited Engagement

Thank you for joining us at the opening of The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Pictures. This program will guide you through each of our eighteen exhibits. For the sake of other visitors in the museum as well as for your own safety, we caution against any use of photography, flash or otherwise. During the installation of this collection, we learned too well that some of the photographs prefer if you don’t stare too long. So please keep this in mind and do be courteous during your stay with us.

Exhibit 1: “The Maid from the Ash” (Polaroid Instant, Forensic photographer)
This is the first known image of the Maid from the Ash, taken the day she was discovered at a ramshackle abode in rural Pennsylvania. In the picture, two uniformed men escort her away after a fire, but she drags her feet and stares back at the place she called home. Due to the widespr…

Weird Whispers Story #1 Pro-Life by Todd Keisling

Pro-Life by Todd Keisling

Karen’s talking to me again even though I haven’t grown a mouth. Her day at the clinic didn’t go as planned, someone caught her digging through the bin of biological waste and she had to lie about losing a piece of jewelry, and somehow that’s my fault. I’m not growing fast enough, she tells me. The ritual should’ve worked by now. I should have arms and legs. Teeth. A fuzzy head of hair. Eyes as bright as stars in the sky.
I don’t have a mouth to tell her she’s an idiot for complaining to a pile of goo. I can’t tell her I didn’t make up the rules. Eleven candles for the eleven points in the Tree of Life, lines of salt to connect them, the summoner’s blood to express their devotion, and the most important ingredient: human flesh.
There’s nothing in the scripture that says how long this process takes. The human elders who communed with the Void in the early days of man weren’t given specific instructions. She’s lucky the ritual even survived this long but try telli…

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